Herbalife in the United Kingdom – What Are Clients Saying?

Herbalife is one of those topics today that draw heated arguments – people either absolutely love it, or they absolutely hate it. Some swear that they have never felt better than while they were using Herbalife products, that they lost a lot of weight and that they are in the shape of their dreams. Others claim that the products are completely useless, that they lost no weight at all, and a few even claim to have gained weight.

So what is a regular girl or a regular guy who is thinking about Herbalife supposed to think? We went over to a Herbalife site run by some of our friends who have spent several years in the business, working both online and face to face with clients, to see what their experiences were and if they could shed some light on the problem.

“The most important thing that people have to realize when it comes to Herbalife, or any other weight loss product or programme, is that there is no miracle cure. You will not be able to continue with the habits that made you overweight,” says Claire Jameson, one of the operators of HLFonline.co.uk. “We have clients who buy our products and think that because they are taking the shake once or twice a day, they can continue to down litres of soft drinks or loads of junk food. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.”

Herbalife Nutrition

“Herbalife makes healthy products that will help you lose weight by providing you with healthy balanced meals so you don’t have to stress about what you are eating. For the vast majority of people, that in itself is a great help. But you still have to watch out.” Claire’s message is simple – people who don’t lose weight while taking Herbalife products are doing something wrong. Even though they are saving a lot of calories by having the shake instead of 2 meals every day, they are making those calories up in some other way. Very often, the reason could be an overindulgence in snacks, soft drinks or sweets.

“It is important to follow the Herbalife plan,” continues Michaela Chong, the second HLFonline.co.uk operator. “Take the shake for 2 meals, have 2 small snacks, and 1 regular meal. Take the tablets as instructed and drink the tea throughout the day. It really is as simple as that, and that is the reason why so many people have lost weight with these products. They are simple to follow, and anyone can use them. They take all the stress and hassle out of dieting.”

These are interesting points, and definitely something to think about if you are planning to try one of these programs. Don’t count on it being a magic bullet or a miracle cure, it is just something that is designed to make your path towards your health related goals easier and quicker. The responsibility is still on you to follow through, to give up all that naughty food you know you should be avoiding, and just let yourself succeed. Herbalife has collected hundreds of thousands of success stories, if not millions, over its 30 years of working. There is no reason for you to not be a part of this group.